About this site

The reason this blog began was that I had no luck finding anything on the internet regarding weight loss while on bipolar medications. So I decided to make this blog, to be a resource for those who also struggle with weight while on medications.

I also want to use this site to inspire and encourage other bipolar Christians, to show them what works and what doesn’t work. I want to inspire bipolar Christians that there is a way to be a true Christian while dealing with temptations like lust, envy, gluttony, etc. that come with the territory of mental illness. Finally, I want to show Christians that there is a reason and a gift to bipolar as a diagnosis and to trust in themselves to use it, even if your circle might disagree with you.

About me

I believe my unique spirituality coupled with extremes in mood make me an extremely intuitive, psychic, and empathetic person, which qualify me to speak as a peer to others. I don’t like to use my background to make others think I am better; on the contrary, I use my background to take people where they are at. Please note, however, that my advice does not substitute for medical advice; please speak with your doctor for any medical related advice.

I was born in Windsor, Ontario and I have two brothers. My mother passed away when I was 16 and led my spiritual journey. I have an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Music with a Sociology minor, where I graduated with distinction. I played in a variety of orchestras, including the Detroit Philharmonic and Detroit Civic Orchestras, among many others. However, after an episode when I was 27 years old (2014), I stopped playing music and focused more on a career in administration.

I currently live in Cambridge, Ontario and work as a medical administrative assistant and am currently attempted to enter teacher’s college. I am a charismatic Christian and attend church at Calvary Pentecostal. I am a devoted wife to Andrew Durocher, and have a beautiful daughter named Elizabeth Grace Marie. FYI: I don’t post about her to respect her privacy.