Asking for a sign…

Asking for a sign…

Matthew 16: 1-4

16 The Pharisees and Sadducees came to test Jesus. So they asked him to show them a miraculous sign from heaven.
He responded to them, “In the evening you say that the weather will be fine because the sky is red. And in the morning you say that there will be a storm today because the sky is red and overcast. You can forecast the weather by judging the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.
“Evil and unfaithful people look for a miraculous sign. But the only sign they will be given is that of Jonah.”
Then he left them standing there and went away.

In both of the episodes I’ve had, I wasn’t really asking for a sign. Things just started happening without my control.

In the first episode, I had actually not been very Christ-like for months and had been harbouring sin in my heart and in my life. But I did turn to Jesus and repented, but not without dire consequences. I did feel and sense God in my life, but I was confused and led astray easily. Let’s just say, I am lucky to be alive today.

In my second episode, I had been very Christ-like and for months, trying to live a pure and holy life. But I gave in to evil thoughts for several weeks. I repented; much faster than my previous episode. And then I had heard the voice “This is God: Go Home”. It was in a thunderous voice. It was a booming voice. But it was also a scary voice (to me, anyway), knowing that it was a call for action. I had felt a calling to go to the hospital. I felt like I could really help people. So that’s why I went to the hospital.

I hadn’t been asking for a sign. All I did was repent of sin. And the miracle happened.

There are people out there that are asking for God, asking for answers, asking for a sign. Many times, if they only dealt with the sin that is separating them from God, they would have access to those answers. But people do not wish to repent and would rather stay in darkness.

Although sometimes I wish God could speak to me as clearly now as He did then, I know that in time He will. I just have to have faith. And not break any commandments in the process! “Romans 6:23 (King James Version): For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”