Dream of Hearing God’s Voice

Dream of Hearing God’s Voice

I had an interesting dream after a wonderful evening. Andrew and I went to Port Dover and looked at the stars with a full moon. It was so beautiful. I felt so much love and awe in my heart. It was fantastic.

Then that night I had a dream. I was speaking to some sort of mentor or professor or spiritual guide asking about how I can hear God’s voice. Then I was looking through a sort of cylinder (like a paper towel tube) and saw a segment of a complicated math equation. Then I heard the voice of God, but it was muffled. I was trying to hear it but I was also afraid of what it might say and I started to wake up.

I have been thinking a while about what the dream meant.

1) I could take it literally that God has been trying to speak to me but either
a) I can’t hear
Perhaps the medication I am on is affecting my ability to hear His voice (although I doubt drugs could stop God from communicating with me). This seems unlikely if it is to be interpreted as literal because I did hear something, but not clearly.
b) I am hearing but it is hard to hear
It might be hard to hear not only because of the medication but because I am sinning and it is affecting my relationship with God (although I am not sure how I am sinning at the moment). This seems like it could be a plausible explanation
c) I am hearing and I am not doing what He is saying
It could also be that I am hearing Him but I am acting as if it is muffled and so I am not doing what I am supposed to do. It seems kind of hard to believe that this is the correct interpretation because it doesn’t explain why I wouldn’t be doing what He requires of me.
d) It could just be a literal dream of the reality that I did once hear His voice and that I am still craving to hear his voice.
I do pray a lot to hear His voice again, and I pray for others as well. I remember often that time that God spoke to me so it could just be a remembrance of it in my dream. This is plausible.

2) I could take it metaphorically as well
a) Perhaps there is something wrong with my body and I am not listening to the cues that something is wrong.
I doubt this is the case, because if anything, I am extremely sensitive to my body and follow it’s cues, probably to a fault.
b) Perhaps it is an interpretation of the past that when I believed I heard God’s voice, I didn’t and it was just a mumble.
It is possible that it was trying to tell me that God wasn’t speaking to me clearly in my first or second episode. But there is something in my dream to indicate it was the past.

I guess I won’t know for sure until more of my future unfolds. We will see where God is leading me! I pray that God will provide me with more insight and leadership and peace in my heart and mind and that I will be used as an instrument of His goodwill and peace. In Jesus’ name, Amen!