Dreams in the New Year

Dreams in the New Year

I was at Melanie’s house, on her couch and I was speaking with her mom. It did look like her but there was something wrong with her teeth. I definitely felt like she was representative of a mentor.

I also dreamt that I was at a hospital waiting to see the doctor. Eventually, I told them that I hadn’t been taking my epival, which would explain why she would need to prescribe more. She said that it was OK, that all of the nurses take a little bit, that it was good for me.

Then I remember talk outside beside a road on rocky terrain bare foot with someone, then we were running. The grass was long and yellow and dry and suddenly we were both concerned about ticks, so we checked our legs.

My interpretation

I’m not sure what the dreams mean but somehow I get the impression from my first dream that it was my mom and she had bad wisdom (in light of recent events as of January 10th, I think it has to do with my mom telling me that it was a “temptation” to breastfeed, that somehow it was wrong to breastfeed… or that taking medication was part of God’s original design, and that we aren’t supposed to pray for the removal of sin’s curse on the world.)

In the 2nd dream, I felt like not taking Epival (divalproex). I haven’t been taking the full dose for a while and I asked Andrew what to do. Sure enough, in my dream would lie the answer which is to take it.

In the 3rd dream, perhaps on my path, I am distracted by fears, maybe health concerns. Ticks are one of my fears from the past, and in the dream it completed stopped me.