Exorcism Dream

Exorcism Dream

For this post, I would like to discuss the importance of dreams.

I read many books that talk about things that happen in dreams that seem to be related to real life. Visitations of loved ones who upon awakening died at the time of the dream. Dreams of future events that warn and guide the dreamer to safety. There are many examples.

I believe the dream world is not just simply the workings of our inner being. I believe it is correlated with the truth and reality of the world around us. If you would like, you can read my previous posts on predictive dreams.

But what I want to center on is a dream that I had recently of my ex. In my dream, I was with someone and he and I told the lady that I had a dream of a baby. The lady said she too had a dream of a baby, and suddenly my ex started convulsing as if he was possessed. In my dream, I raised my hand and said, “Jesus, be gone!” (I meant to say in the Name of Jesus, be gone). I woke up with my hand actually raised. The dream gave me the jeeby creepies.

The next day I told my ex about the dream. He considered it.

The next day, he downloaded a Christian book with the intent on reading it while at work. This is huge. He’s been saying things like he’ll confess when he’s 70, that he’ll never ever be a Christian, that he is backlogged with books. But soon after my dream took place, he found it in his heart to download it.

Presently, he just went through the first chapter. To me, this is phenomenal and already in and of itself a miracle. I pray that he’ll keep reading with an open heart and and open mind and that he will place his faith in the one and only saviour, Jesus Christ.