God Still Speaks Through Dreams… Money dreams…

God Still Speaks Through Dreams… Money dreams…

Recurring Money Dreams

I have been having a recurring dream having to do with money. The night of the first dream, I was really connecting with Andrew, and I was so grateful for his love. We had watched the movie Titanic, and Andrew was sweet and said to me that life was better now that I am in his life.

Two nights ago, I dreamed that I was part of a game, and my partner and I were faced against Rhett from Rhett and Link, Good Mythical Morning (Youtube show)… Rhett won $1 000 000 and my partner and I split $1 000 000 ($500 000 each)… I was supposed to share it with my twin brother Mich, but I was resistant.

The next day, I had been preparing to start a new story/book, and did research, which included reading a blog entry of when I had a dream about the lottery… The blog was about a forgotten night where I meditated and asked God to let me know what was in my future, and if I was going to have kids, how many… and that night, I had a dream of winning the lottery three times… I wasn’t completely sure that was God’s answer to my question (I tend to be very skeptical and wait for more clarity), since I also read in 1 Kings in the bible that Solomon asked God for wisdom, and that God would grant anything he asked him (you can see the post in an earlier blog entry for the whole story). So, I thought it was just a premonition dream of the next day, which I’ve had many before (a list of my premonition dreams are also a previous blog post). Andrew and I watched a movie last night as well, called The Coming Convergence (an end times documentary).

My dream last night was that I was at work and my old grade school friends were there… there was a dare that everyone touch themselves in their private regions… but I felt uncomfortable and did not want to do it. Then I received 3 payments of very small amounts of money, something $27, $19, and $23… and later, more of my grade school friends were there, including an old enemy from school, who I stood up to (not in real life, but in my dream).

I asked myself what these dreams meant… the first dream, based on surrounding circumstances (watching Titanic, feeling loved), I feel like it was a dream that reflected my real life thoughts… that I hit the jackpot of love, both my partner and I (who watch Rhett and Link), but sometimes, I resist giving it to my own twin brother… I still do, but for some reason, it is harder. I tend to intellectualize with him… but I have been getting better of opening up emotionally to him. That’s my interpretation.

But my second dream with winning money 3 times was I think a response to my first dream about winning the lottery 3 times… it was more obvious in that there were genitalia in my dream, children from school, and it wasn’t related to huge sums of money (that could be confused with actually winning a lot of money in real life). So, I think God was being less symbolic and a little more literal in my dream. So, maybe God knows my desires for 3 children (I haven’t kept that secret), and perhaps it is in line with His will… so we will just have to see what unfolds.

Other great things…

One night, I was praying and listening to God, while writing random stuff in my journal… I read once that to unlock some creativity, you combine things that don’t make sense so that it unlocks rarely used patterns of thinking… one of the things I wrote was “ciel/miel”… which is french for Heaven and honey… right then, Andrew changed the song to “honey honey… do do do do do do sugar sugar… you are my candy girl!” I thought it was funny and neat.

But importantly, there was one night a while ago that I felt particularly in love with Andrew… we had been connecting lots, being vulnerable, and being truthful to each other… Anyway, that night, I woke up feeling wide awake and euphoric… which is unusual for me, and for me, is a sign of hypomania. I started feeling a lot of anxiety, thinking, I might need to go to the hospital… I woke up Andrew and told him, who didn’t believe, but I assured him, that it’s a sign of mania. He then began to tell me a calm anecdote of how he dealt with sleeplessness in the past, in a calm, low, monotone voice. I immediately felt better, remembered to breathe, and then knowing that I don’t need to go to the ward to help others but I can trust God through prayer, I went into intense prayer for a full hour… where my heart was on fire, I focused my extra exuberant energy and my mind, I shooed away Satan and His fear mongering, and I just prayed and believed and prayed… prayed for healing for those with mental illness and other major difficulties, for the poor, for friends, for family, etc. I was eventually tuckered out from the intense praying and was able to fall deeply asleep.

The next morning, I spoke with Andrew and told him what happened. He opened up and said that he actually had seen some visions as well (but he didn’t remember what they were). Knowing that he has this spiritual gift of seeing spirits, and knowing that my gift is being highly sensitive/empathetic, and also knowing that this has happened before (when we first met and were intensely in love, one night I was hypomanic and he also had a vision of a demon, also a previous blog post). I wasn’t sure why this night happened they way it did.

But some answers would come a few weeks later. My friend Brandy, whom I haven’t spoken with for 1 year and who also has a highly sensitive, empathetic gift and diagnosed with my diagnosis (and who is a highly spiritual Christian, and who I look up to), reached out to me out of the blue. I was very happy about this. She is like my twin spiritual sister, we knew we were connected on a deep level. Her recent life hasn’t been perfect (she struggled with knowing what to do, but not doing it; or knowing what she shouldn’t do, but doing it anyway) but she was on fire to make some huge changes in life. She was like a breath of fresh air, a friend I have been needing. I thought, perhaps this was an answer to prayer.

And another answer came for that difficult night. I was watching a spiritual show, and the guest speaker said something poignant, which I had heard before, but it served as a reminder. He said when you are not doing God’s will, Satan and his evil forces will leave you completely alone… when you live a comfortable life, nothing is difficult, when you are selfish and only think of your needs… but when you are doing God’s will, Satan and his demons will be ready for attack… I know that Andrew and I connected that night and it was very beautiful… knowing Satan seeks to steal, kill, and destroy… so when we were fostering our relationship for ourselves and with God, Satan didn’t like that… we both sensed it… I sensed the fear and anxiety, Andrew saw it. But through prayer, I was able to overcome, and perhaps a return of a friendship was the reward.

The Only Path to God the Father

When you are in line with God’s perfect will… when you are thinking not of your own needs but the needs of everyone and everything around you… when you are connected to the universe… when you want His desires and will for your life… if you ask in His name… He will grant… something as simple as synchronicity to know that He is with you through His perfect timing, or making strange things happen before they happen (like unsubscribing from something as you are about to do it yourself), or as big as physical, emotional, and mental healing… God will do it. There’s nothing standing in His way except you. Get right with God, and the world will be your oyster.

But to do that, you MUST get right with God. And that means getting to know Jesus, who had a perfect relationship with God the Father… Who was willing to be the once-and-for-all sacrifice Himself for the sins of mankind… Back in Jesus’ time, knowing that the wages of sin is death, the Jews used lambs and other animal sacrifice as a way to communicate to God their guilt… but Jesus made a human sacrifice, so that by trusting in His life and death to pay for our sins, we are free from sins bondage, our stone-cold, rebel heart will be replaced with a holy and pure one, and God will make a miracle out of us and our lives… We bow down and humble ourselves to God, and choose to follow Jesus, the perfect God-man, as our way to His glorious way. The only way.

God doesn’t always give you a rich, wealthy, and healthy life… In fact, He promises that it won’t always be easy… but I would rather that then never knowing God, love, and being content in all situations… when I am hungry, or when I am stuff; when I am free, or in prison… I am never alone when I am with God.

Thanks for reading!