Horse Dream and Quotes…

Horse Dream and Quotes…

February 25th, 2017

I had a dream around Valentine’s Day that there was a (brown?) horse and I was trying to get onto it. There was an unknown male who was standing in front of the horse and he was helping me on. At the time, when I had the dream in Europe, I was very curious about it. I had seemed pretty decisive in deciding that I would leave my partner and I had been thinking a looooot about the guy at work and creating a cute quiz. 

After having the dream I wondered what the horse symbolized and who the unknown male was. Then on February 21st a self-proclaimed healer said she had a message for me: “Those who wait on the Lord will not be disappointed”. So originally I suspected it mean that I need to wait for my partner to make a decision about our relationship. So what happened today was I was at the therapy session with my Christian therapist and after I mentioned a few things, he asked me if I was a prophet. I hesitated and said I believed so. Then he gave me contact information for a prophesy night and went on to tell me a night he had. I perked right up when he told me the story. As he was telling the story about how, in his prophecy night session, the people were giving the guests an impression that they had in their minds. So one person told him something about a horse. I was surprised because honest to God and swear over my mother’s grave, I started to get an impression of the horse before he talked about it. Then he talked about how at one point in life, someone threw tomatoes at him while he was on a horse because of his therapy sessions. I was surprised that it had to do with horses and relationships. I started to get excited and recounted about my dream. He was saying that I could derive meaning from it, or it could be coincidence. I definitely know it wasn’t. So is he the person that is supposed to help me get back on the horse? What does the horse symbolize? I saw online that the horse could mean this:

Controlling the horse or fear of it: Trying to control, or fear of, feelings of love and sexuality, of our own natural drives and emotions that are powerful enough either to give us motivation in our activities, or drag us along unwillingly.


Also horses are almost always associated with war in the bible. It could be that I am going back on the horse of spiritual warfare, and my therapist is helping me with that. So maybe it has nothing to do with relationships.

I have also been revisiting the dream about someone from a different work place and wondering if that dream means anything in the present. I suppose I will have to wait to find out!

So all in all, I certainly feel a huge calling to work on my prophetic gifts bestowed upon me by God. Praise be to God!

Also, I visited a website on and I found something interesting that spoke to me:

“Let me address one more thing here: If you have received and acted on a false prophecy, don’t get stuck in regret. The Bible says we see in part and we know in part (1 Cor. 13:9, 12). Prophecy is not going to be perfect, and God does not want us to get bogged down with bitterness.”
I think this is good for me to know because I think I did believe in false prophecies and that’s what led to my episode. It continues:
“When you receive a prophecy, pray about it and allow the Holy Spirit to help you discern whether to receive or reject it. Resist the temptation or pressure to interpret it right away or to make things happen.”
I was rash and impulsive as soon as I received revelation instead of letting myself think and see if my heart still believes it.

It was also saying that everyone can be a prophet. I remember thinking several people during my episode was a prophet, but although that may have been true, everyone has the ability to. And I remember my friend saying, at the height of my excitement, that the Holy Spirit was strong in me, and she seemed very compelled and looked different when she said that, almost like she had a halo around her and glowing.

I want to be more in touch with my prophetic side, so I will be ordering books and completing more research on the topic. Even if I don’t want to do it, it is a calling and a huge responsibility. So I will do my best.


I think I received the answer to what the horse meant in my dream. This is an email I sent to my therapist:

The coincidence is that yesterday afternoon I had gone to the hospital to get checked out by a nurse to make sure I wasn’t manic or hypomanic. She said I’m doing wonderful and better than last time she saw me. So I had relief. I thought I had a calling to go into the hospital and minister to the mentally ill, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen…
… but I still woke up with a hunger to do more. I asked my partner (which I believe we are doing much better) his honest opinion of what I can do. He says that because I am an empathetic person and absorb people’s emotions very easily I may not be good on therapeutic one-on-one ministry, although I suppose it depends on the person. But my partner had mentioned the possibility of going back to school and get a masters in psychology (night courses). So then I explained perhaps that I could help without going back to school. And he said what about public speaking? And then I felt excited about that, because I had thought about it when I was in high school. We had a public speaker and I was so passionate about it that I thought “I could do that”. And I’m at that point that I think I am prepared to do it. And that’s when I read the article about horses. So perhaps my dream is better explained by this interpretation: perhaps I am supposed to get help enough to be able to help others?
I just wanted to share that with you. I felt very confused in the office because I started to realize that maybe I was searching for my interpretation and not God’s interpretation of the dream. And I also wanted an answer right away instead of in God’s time. And that opened the door for this.
Ultimately all words together for good for those who love God and are called according to their purpose.