More money dreams…

More money dreams…

Recently, Andrew and I have started playing the lottery. It was after much time and pressure that we decided it wasn’t sin, and do it. We weren’t sure if God wanted us to play or just trust in Him.

I had a vision a few nights ago that I was looking into my wallet and there was a never ending amount of dollar bills coming in.

Last night, I dreamed that we won $20 000. But someone overheard and ran away with my lotto ticket. I told everyone to catch him.

We bought a ticket and Andrew was sure we would win, he would say “we are going to win”.

We did win a free play today.

But something interesting happened recently. One of my money dreams last year had Kirk Cameron as a host on a Price is Right type show. He wasn’t on one at the time of my dream. But I just read that Kirk has actually started a new show that will contain playful competition and a talk show. Could my dream last year about winning the lottery three times be a prophecy about our future? I’m going to live my life like it is worthy to be on his show and see what God has in store for us.