Oil Spill Dream

Oil Spill Dream

I had an interesting dream last night that I wanted to share.

Sometimes I have dreams of previous people I’ve dated. And sometimes I feel guilty because I don’t know why I’m having them. They are always benign; nothing really happens that would say anything about why I’m dreaming about them.

But last night it seemed to give me a message.

I was swimming in the ocean that was bordering an industrialized city. It was 1 AM but it was sunny outside. There was a boat in the water as well, and my ex was there swimming too.

Suddenly, there was a massive oil spill in the distance. Quickly, it was drenching me, and I was panicked about getting cancer. My friends on the shore were warning me to swim back. And I did.

My ex stayed behind. I remembered feeling guilty. But a wise woman from my past that I used to know, told me, “don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault. He didn’t heed our warnings.”

I feel like now I don’t have to feel guilty for my past failed relationships. I am moving forward with life, love, and happiness. Things happen and for whatever reason, things have moved on. So will I.