Roller Coaster Dream

Roller Coaster Dream

From now on I want to devote less time to searching for dream meanings and trust my gut and decide what the symbols in my dream means to myself. I will be doing this with my visions as well. I feel that God is powerful enough that He can let me know. The only thing I should still be concerned of is my knowledge, which I can glean from the Bible if needed.

I had a dream last night that I was in a monochrome-like modern city and there was a modern roller coaster (light colors). When I first looked at it, it was partial then second time I saw a greater segment (possibly because they were building it as I saw it), going left to right then left to right again. Ironically, I wasn’t afraid of the roller coaster, and I wasn’t on it. I was standing and watching in the city. But what I was afraid of was the city. It was a steep slope downwards and what I thought in the dream was, why would they build a slippery surface in this city when it is steep? Wouldn’t people just slip? But I tackled my fear and as I suspected, I did slip and slide down. Then at one point I was at an outdoor vendor of food (reminiscent of a vendor I saw in Paris) and looking to eat chocolate, and I saw a chocolate cheesecake. I rejected it and looked somewhere else.

Discussion: possibly the roller coaster reflects my body and a greater force is making changes to my body represented by the left and right (left to right brain?) and that I am not experiencing the intense emotions of going up and down (like I would be experiencing if I was bipolar). The colors in the dream are also telling, since it was lacking brilliance (as other dreams I have had), so perhaps it means again, there is a lack of emotional intensity. So I am successful and not afraid of that part. Seeing more of the roller coaster the second time might be akin to the quote that I have been saying over and over yesterday, that prophets only see in part. As time progresses, you see more. And perhaps the fact that the roller coaster was being built is like God building me, that He’s not done with me. But ironically, I did feel fear but it was more to do with my external surroundings I’m losing control over (as I have said in a private journal entry recently) even when I would never be able to change it if I could. The steep incline is reminiscent of the steep hills in Italy. I think I even asked about slipping when we were in Italy. Since I did go down the city streets, I am still facing my fears though, although perhaps with some reluctance or trepidation.  I am embracing the Holy Spirit more and allowing Andrei to make his own decisions about the relationship. Maybe the reward at the end will be chocolate!

Answers I will pray for: Why was the city Modern? Was it because it was applicable right now?

Answer: there was a music video that looked a lot like it, a modern city with a rollercoaster.

Update: The Music Video is Katy Perry’s Chained to the Rhythm. The Rollercoaster looks exactly like it.