Same dreams, two people… Coincidence? When two hearts beat as one…

Same dreams, two people… Coincidence? When two hearts beat as one…

If you are the kind of person that does not believe in an intelligent, all-knowing force, or God, or believe there is no purpose in life, or believe life is randomly put together, then you should be questioning that after this story. If you are Christian, this should edify and encourage you.

I have a therapist who insists that everything that happens to me is coincidence and random, that the things I see, hear, or experience is simply a creation of my imagination, that I interpret my reality on my faith, however wrong that might be. But when two people are experiencing the same synchronicities, the same dreams, that would definitely be proof against that. How would it be a figment of my imagination if someone senses it too? How could it be random if it would be extremely unlikely.

Andrew doesn’t remember dreams as well as I do, but when he does, he tells me about them. Several weeks ago, he had a dream of his side of the family. I don’t remember the details, but it was his family. That night, I too had a dream about his side of the family. Was it coincidence? We chalked it off as if it was.

There have been two more dreams like that afterwards, where he tells me a dream and I remember my dream being the same or extremely similar. It wasn’t common dream symbols like falling, flying or test taking or things like that, but more unique. I was still not completely convinced.

Two nights ago, we had another similar dream. But it is sort of weird, and needs a little context. But for the sake of truth I will share.

Recently, our cat has been peeing in odd places. Not all the time, but maybe once a month or so. And it has been unpleasant. We’ve tried getting two different kinds of litter boxes and changing the litter type to see if it works. So far so good, but if not, then we’ll be seeing the vet to see if there’s anything else going on.

Andrew told me of a dream last night. He said he had a dream that there was a lot of cat pee everywhere. And I dreamt that too. I dreamt that the cat had peed in a laundry basket full of clothes, turning everything yellow, even the print on all my clothes. I couldn’t believe it.

We have both experiencing this issue, but the strange thing is although we have been having the problem for a while now, we both dreamed about it two nights ago.

And last night, we both shared similar dreams. He had a dream about his grandmother and how he wanted to buy the house from her. His brother was helping him out. His mother was so excited that she was painting even before they put an offer. Andrew was all concerned about the details and logistics, trying to knock sense into people because everyone was so excited. He said the house was around $500 000 to $600 000.

I also dreamt of my grandmother last night. What is strange is that I never dream about her. I never knew her very well, I had known my great-grandmother a lot better. My mom’s mom was never really around. In the dream, I was at her place, although it didn’t look anything like I remembered it when I had seen it as a child. And she told me she never knew I was still alive, that if I was, she would have given me an inheritance (implying that she passed away). I don’t know if she has passed away or not in reality, or that she would have given me an inheritance.

Of all the dreams Andrew is telling me about, I would say about 70-80% of the time I had a matching dream. And again, that’s only for the dreams that Andrew has mentioned to me and remembered and that I’ve remembered.

To sum, there has been 5 nights or so, out of around 6 or 7 that Andrew has mentioned to me recently, where both Andrew and I remembered a dream of the same or similar thing. Coincidence? Of course, we are living together and we are experiencing the similar things happening in our lives. But I have been with other people before, and this has never happened to me.

We are in love, and maybe, if God is love, we are connected on a subconscious/spiritual level. God is all-knowing, everywhere, all-powerful, and all-good. It would make sense that two Christian people who are in love, and who are in a similar state in their spiritual journey, would have the potential to be connected on a level deeper than the physical and material world. This is a theory, anyway.

Now, to others, they might say this sounds crazy. That we’re crazy. We’ve both have been considered crazy before by others. But I know the path that I took in life, spiritually speaking. Yes, I have been sinful, yes, I’ve been rebellious at times. But I made a choice, after I was questioning religion, God and faith when my mom died, to follow the truth, the light, the love that is shown through Jesus.

I was once a baby Christian and stumbled away from my faith. But then my faith was tested and I triumphed. Not as well as the way Jesus did, but I won the battle that Satan tempted me with. Now I know without a doubt that I am a child of God. I am more mature as a Christian and I’m now learning more about God and His gifts for us. I know Jesus said to the world we will appear foolish. And we will be persecuted. I believe that He was right.

As I continue to grow I’m hoping I can inspire people to believe in God, believe in themselves, believe in miracles, and believe in their God-given gifts. Why do superhero movies make us so happy? Because inside of us, we want to be heroes with unique and special gifts. We were created for that. But you need to believe it, truly, 100%. A life changing decision, but God promises He’ll be with us the entire time. With lots of love to all 🙂 <3