Shared Teacher’s Dream

Shared Teacher’s Dream

One night about a week or two ago, Andrew and I had a shared dream. But compared to previous shared dreams, this dream was extraordinarily similar.

Last night Andrew dreamt of a teacher from high school. He was the Teacher’s Pet. And they walked to a pizza restaurant across the street near the high school to have lunch. Then Andrew suggested that they update their website and he gave them an hourly quote. They left. Once he exited the restaurant, he was looking at some girls. The boys noticed and wanted to beat him up. Andrew knew he wdidn’t do anything wrong. He rushed to this house with a big kid and hoped that he would beat the other kids up (because Andrew would not fight back).

I also had a dream. I also dreamt that there was a teacher from my dream, and I was his Teacher’s Pet. This was in fact a real teacher that I used to be a Teacher’s Pet for. Anyway, we were pretty close in the dream as student/teacher. In the dream, his wife committed suicide. Everyone was upset. And sadly for me, people started blaming me because they thought he and I had some kind of affair. I kept saying, no no, that’s not true. But I remember being afraid of going to prison, but only a little afraid

I also remember another dream with a similar theme that same night. I had an old friend from high school appear in my dream. And she and I kissed. But everyone started accusing me of being a lesbian and I kept saying no, no, I am not a lesbian, etc.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Andrew and I have been having shared dreams on a regular basis. But this dream was particularly connected. We started asking our friends and family, trying to understand it better. We were at his mom’s house and while we were discussing it, Andrew made a good point. At one point the night before I had felt very accused. It could be that we understood each other and connected on issues from the night before. That we understood each other.

But there’s still lots of questions. Why are we dreaming the same thing? How is it happening? Is it a one way communication from me to him or two way, or from God to both of us simultaneously? Is it only based on shared experiences, or would we dream similar things even if we are apart and not experiencing the same things? And if we are more intentional, could our dreams be useful in other ways? Could we find answers to issues in our lives, to the lives of others, by prayer and focus and intention?

As we continue to learn and grow hopefully we will become closer to knowing answers to some of these important questions.