Skinny Cat Dream

Skinny Cat Dream

So I had a dream that included my cat, but he was super skinny and I was concerned that he wasn’t eating. How could I interpret that dream?

Well, cats are luxurious creatures, especially mine. Maybe it means that I have been losing out on luxuries, which is partly true, or that I should remove luxuries.

I overate last night. Maybe it means I should focus on fasting.

Perhaps it means that I have been sacrificing my needs over others, although recently I have been feeling super selfish.

There was a week or so where I was accidentally underfeeding my cat. Maybe the dream represents my fear of not feeding my cat enough food. That would be the most literal interpretation.

Perhaps I will never know what the dream means.

On a side note, I have been memorizing questions to ask God with ministering for people in prayer and I asked Andrei how Nick is doing, and Andrei asked, “Why do you ask?” And I said I was just wondering, and Andrei said, “Because he called yesterday”. It was perfect, even Andrei was surprised.

I am trying to get him to read Cold Case Christianity. But I won’t ask as often where he is at, I will let him go through it on his own even if it kills me. It’s his spiritual journey, I can’t be involved. Although I am so friggin’ curious for him every step of the way.

He thinks I am too gullible. I think I just have a lot of faith.

Anyway, until next time.