The Blonde Prophetic Dream

The Blonde Prophetic Dream

Some people might chalk up visions, voices, or prophetic dreams as mere mental illness or delusions. People will scoff at it, because they think it is all fairy tales or mythic. Well, to those people, I beg to differ.

I had been in the hospital during my second episode of elevated mood, otherwise known as “mania” (due to my belief that I had received direct communication from God), and many things had happened to me and others there (I have written about many of them in previous post “While In Hospital”).

One specific instance demands to be taken seriously. On April 12th, 2017, I woke up from a dream. I didn’t have nor still do I have any particulars of the dream, but what I do remember is there was a blonde person and a bomb. I had mentioned it to my friend who was also an in patient, whom I respected because I knew they were very spiritual (more spiritual than myself). He had a very detailed dream, and he also dreamt of a blonde and a bomb (he mentioned nuclear), and other facts of the dream as well (I am sorry that I don’t remember the details of the rest of his dream).

That night, between around 8-9pm, a patient approached us and started talking to us. We talked before, and were friendly, but we were there for different reasons (he had been trying to quit drugs). He mentioned a blonde person, a bomb, and perhaps a train or subway station and 37 people dying. Because I was overwhelmed by the coincidence and 37 being a very important number to me for various reasons, I fell to the ground (at the time, I had unexplained episodes of falling to the ground but not losing consciousness or being hypotensive). I got up.

The next day, April 14th, 2017, Donald Trump had unleashed the biggest non-nuclear bomb that has ever been sent to Afghanistan. Go to link below to confirm news article about this event.

God is eternal and created time, He sees all time and knows all things. He has the power to provide dreams, visions, and even words to His children, as is evidenced in the Old and New Testament. He is everywhere, He is all powerful. These are just some of the attributes of God that I believe in full-heartedly, and in my life, has been proven to be true. This truth is available to all, and these experiences can be experienced by anyone.

Is it possible that we are drugging prophets and our healers? Is it possible that we should really, instead, humble ourselves and learn from them?? Are we imposing our reality on them, when in fact, we ourselves don’t truly understand or comprehend it?