3 Reasons to Go Back to School

3 Reasons to Go Back to School

I am currently in the midst of applying to school. I have applied to a Masters of Divinity at McMaster, teacher’s college at Redeemer University, and at Conestoga College for Medication Administration, Early Childhood Education, and Interior Decorating. I have various reasons for applying to these programs. I wanted to lay them out below to explain my reasoning and help me decide which program to accept.

You want a job change within the same field you work in

This is where you have a job in a certain field but you want a specialty, or training in a niche. For instance, someone working in retail might want to take a leadership course in order to become manager. This can result in a better pay. For myself, I applied to medical administration  because although I have experience in administration, to help me be more competitive as a medical administrator, I would need a diploma to work in the medical field.

You want a career change outside your current field of work

This is a second career. This is where you have education and experience in a field you no longer want to work in, and so you need to start from scratch. This could be anything outside what you regularly do for a living, either because you don’t get as much money for it or have lost interest in it. For me, the reason I would leave the administrative field is because I deal better with concepts and ideas versus the meticulous work of being in admin. So although there are elements to administration in these careers, I would still enjoy the planning and philosophy involved when being a teacher or even a pastor.

You have a passion and you want to work on developing it as a hobby or future career

This is where you want to veer off pretty far from what you are doing in order to do what you love or are most interested in. Many programs fall into this category, like sewing, painting, or interior decorating. This is what I am passionate about at the moment and want to learn lots from. Would I be getting a career in it, however? That is tough to decide. Same with Masters of Divinity. Although I would have the talent to complete the program, where would it lead? It could be very difficult to get a job in this.


What do you think? Should I accept a Master’s of Divinity and become a pastor, or should I become a teacher? Or should I play it safe and be a medical administrative assistant, or follow my passion and become an interior decorator? Leave your comments below!