A Closer Look… While in Hospital

A Closer Look… While in Hospital


When I am near someone or am thinking of someone, it seems that I share their feeling. If I stretch or move around on their behalf it seems to work. For instance, for one of the patients who thought like he was a Messiah, I felt lower back pain and feeling tired. Knowing he had a good cause for what he was doing, I laid on the floor, stretched my back, and then took a 5 minute nap. At one point, I grabbed a nurse (will call him Steve) and told him he was amazing and I may have asked for a hug at that point, although it may have been at an earlier time. I talked about a few things and another Hindu man whom I felt God’s love for listening and watching.

That night the patient made a huge fuss with the staff, wanting to have a nurse that would chat with him but no one would. He stayed up almost all night. At one point I was up and asked if I could help (because at that point I had performed multiple miracles) but one of the nurses would simply not have it. He somewhat aggressively grabbed me by the elbow and tried to escort me away. I did not respond very nicely but I eventually acquiesced. Then the Hindu man had asked me if I could write down my ideas as to how we can improve the function of mental health wards, like the Finland model of Open Dialogue, with much better results than the pharmaceutical approach Western society adopts. I also mentioned Phil Borges and the Ted Talk video Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening and the movie “CrazyWise”. I gave it to the Hindu to give to “Steve”.

I also talked to the nurse trying to explain the problem when patient say they are thirsty. I have come to understand they are literally thirsty. So they should be given something to drink to heal more quickly and brain messages to be sent more quickly. I also think that the patient similarly crave salt. I think the reason for that is that it quickens the neuronal impulses in the brain and again, can more quickly heal the brain.

I am a firm believer of the limbic system. The third eye is located just above the nose on the forehead, and the “heart”, which is not really the heart but they are closely related. The “heart” lights up like a firework sometimes (See video by Katy Perry called “Fireworks” for reference)

Case Studies

I also think fibromyalgia is actually a spiritual problem, at least partially. With all the aches and pains I’ve been feeling, I think these people are actually experiencing pain of others, or at least the promptings of the holy spirit which they are fighting and ignoring. There was this one lady who was almost yelling at the nurse because she came in the afternoon but the timing was such that she wouldn’t be able to have dinner. She was upset, which was reasonable, but she was adamant and argumentative. I had the courage to mention this to her, that this was Lent and people are choosing the fast and not eat, and that there are children are dying because of starvation and I left it at that. And she immediately put what I said to practice and was even let out the next day.

I also think I know what is wrong the Jehovah’s Witnesses without even studying it. They do not believe the divinity of God through the Son, so that means they think they have the right that God the Father has, that they can sit on their throne.

I had one dark experience with a guy, the darkest I had. There was a point where I realized this guy was going to be bad news because he was a repeat offender and was in jail multiple times. Then at one point he was showing this man the twists and tricks of something he can do on the phone. I exclaimed, “Why, why, why?” Later he sat next to me and pour his heart out. He lost his girlfriend and recently lost his father and did a lot of drugs, and was on Ritalin. He did have a lot of energy. So then he told me he felt responsible for the death of his girlfriend because he let her get overdosed. He felt indifferent about life and didn’t care. I told him it is better that he is angry than to be indifferent. I told him he may be responsible but God can and does forgive. He told me he wanted to stay and get help but that he would wait. I mentioned it to a social worker and he overruled it and said to stop helping people. I was so angry and felt so much pain I felt so overwhelmed, I spent 2 hours fuming trying to let out my anger. During this, a man came and brought him a whole box of donuts (which he ate all at once). Then the next day, he promised 1000% that he would pay him back. I corrected him and said, “Try your best”. But he spends days on penance trying to figure out why he had NSF on his bank account. He had angry outbursts here and there, but at least he did open up and told the truth, or at least to me. He thinks I have a big heart and he told all the nurses, even risking going to jail, that I am a wonderful councilor.

Someone was diagnosed as schizophrenic and ended up being diagnosed as rapid cycling bipolar (I am not sure of this, only my observation and the limited information that I have). She and I are both 29 years and both were suffering. By the end, she has hugged her faith much closer and we became very connected. Even to the point that I heard her voice in my head, like “Danielle” and I got up and I saw her in the hallway. The nurses have been abuzz with ESP talk.

There are more case-studies but for now I need a break.

Is my presence enough to cause miracles?

A man whom I will call Gary came. Not sure what he presented with but he had a meeting with the doctor out in the open. He was asked many questions but it didn’t seem like there was anything wrong with him. It didn’t show why, maybe a little bit of a panic attack. It turns out his wife may be the one that is actually sick. And being among people seems to bring about peace. So there might be something to that.

A girl I will call Tammy came in, and she is the sister of the 2nd guy I knelt to. She had severe schizophrenia. She was only here for less than a day, and she came in to tell me to turn off the water when I was already at full.