Dream Decor for Our Dream Home

Dream Decor for Our Dream Home

So my husband and I are in the process of purchasing a new house. We’re living in a condo now; we love it, but there’s now a lack of space with our daughter being here. So we have been looking into combining two households; my mother-in-law and her friend Cheryl will be moving in to wherever we buy.

There is currently an accepted offer for us at 14 Kay St. conditional on inspection and selling our home. Our home is currently on the market as well at 118-8 Harris St.


This is a picture of our place:


And this is the house we are looking at:


Now, I have also been watching Interior Design Masters on Netflix and I have been excited to renovate and design the living room and dining room. I am looking into paneling for the living room. It would be nice to have something like this:

DIY Picture Frame Molding | Centsational Style

But mainly for the bottom half of the wall. The top half, I want this yellow paint color and paisley curtains are a consideration:

Paisley Jacobean Rod Pocket Curtain Panels

I want to design a living room that has classic components. These cushions are a good start:

Purple Green Paisley 100% Wool Cushion - Kimberley Dawn Cushions

Purple Green Paisley 100% Wool Cushion

I would love to have this moose wall mount, but it is super expensive:

Western Canada Moose Shoulder Mount For Sale #20431 - The ...


These curtains are phenomenal:


I love the 3d textures these protuding walls and ceilings bring:

Classic Interior Design

Anyway, those are just a few ideas I had in mind for the living room. Now onto the dining room.

Because the living room is so traditional and classic, it would make sense to keep the style and use a more traditional chandelier. We have one, so there’s no point in updating it. It would be nice to select a gorgeous wall paper to make a feature wall with the window in it:

A.S. Creation High Quality Damask Wallpaper Roll - 21-in - Red


I am very excited about doing these changes. Fortunately, the basement has the color of the wall we want, and we will probably go all out modern with that, so Andrew can feel he has his own space.

So here’s to hoping we close on our new home!!!