Interview with Myself: Link Between Quantum Mechanics and True Love? Please read on…

Interview with Myself: Link Between Quantum Mechanics and True Love? Please read on…

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Hello, and welcome to my blog! I have decided to put an effort to writing down some of my scientific theories that I hold in one neat and tidy blog.

In this blog:

  • Do I believe in time travel?
  • What do I believe regarding time travel?
  • Can you talk more about the positive and negative universes?
  • Do worm holes exist?
  • How do you create a worm hole?
  • Do animals feel pain? And how much?
  • Do I believe in reincarnation?
  • Mediumship, is it real?
  • Do I believe in true love?
  • What does quantum mechanics have to do with true love?

I am going to preface my blog by saying I have no credentials when it comes to scientific principles of time travel. I have some science background in university, but not much. But based on my experiences in the mental health ward as a manic depressive / bipolar person, and what I believe to be astral traveling where I am outside of my body learning about life and the universe, I am just going to write what I think and see if you agree or not.

Do I Believe in Time Travel?

Yes, I do. I believe it is already happening right before our eyes. Something as simple as driving makes you a time traveller, or flying a plane. If I am on earth watching someone on a plane flying, they are aging less, and I am aging more.

What Do I Believe Regarding Time Travel?

I believe there are many reasons why there are paradoxes with time travel… for instance, what happens if you meet yourself in the past or future? Would one of you obliterate into an abyss?

I don’t think so. You see, if you are travelling through time (and probably pretty fast if you are to notice any differences), then your body will be different. It will be a younger version of you, and it will be a stretched out version/taller version. You might not even recognize yourself if you met your older version of yourself. Or it might be a doppelgänger. Why do I think you are stretched out? Well, to me, I am short. So if I look at someone and they are taller, that means that they have gone closer to the speed of light in relation to me, which means that you will appear thinner, younger, and longer. This would mean being taller is a blessing. It could be that the time traveller has has more reincarnations, or the most recent reincarnations was a time traveller. This theory would then implicate that any super model who is youthful and thin are time travelling versions of their shorter, older selves. This also works well with my theory that for every person who is negative is a person who is positive. This ALSO goes with my theory that there are two main universes, a positive and a negative, and the goal is to get your other “half” to unite and create a worm hole…

Can You Talk More About the Positive and Negative?

I believe there is always a wrong and a right in every situation. And not only that, but that if you choose what you know is wrong, then you will be sent to the negative universe, where there is no God, and no goodness, a completed desolate world. Some people are negative because they take, take, take, and still have nothing to give, whereas people who are position seem to have an insane amount of positivity and energy, where you wonder how they do it. For the negatives, they will feel like they have constant bad luck. That things never go your way. So say your soul mate, your other half, is the positive, and you are the negative. The celebrity if you will, is the positive, since they are very productive people doing important and influential things. She needs a soul mate that she sees is being affected by this endeavour. So she meets her soul mate (which is actually herself but in a negative state), and suddenly she has met her opposite. She can only be positive because her soul mate is negative. This is why I should aim for neutral, so cause a net 0 effect on the universe, or only slightly positive. Because of this, I also believe in multiple dimensions.

What Do You Mean By Multiple Dimensions?

I believe in a form of string theory where there are multiple dimensions, and they are ordered bottom to top as a triangle, with heaven being at the top and hell, where most people go, head to the bottom, as in a pyramid. There are 3 levels of hell, and then earth is in the middle. Being in the zone is above earth but below heaven and astral flying, where you are outside your body, is around there too. Later I will post a picture representation of what I believe.

Do Worm Holes Exist? How Do You Create a Worm Hole?

I do believe worm holes exist. I watched a program on the History channel the other day, which spoke of a theory that if you can get something that is absolutely positive in a room with something that is absolutely negative, in theory, that could create a worm hole. And I loved that idea. Because there are people who always seems to be on the negative side of things – always seeing things from a negative perspective, always having bad luck, etc. And then there are people who, everything they touch turns to gold. It seems that they are always on the good fortune side of things. Well, in this theory, you would be creating a worm hole where time travelling can occur. This is what I believe actually happens when two people who are true polar opposites fall in love.

Do Animals Feel Pain? How Much?

Yes, whole-heartedly. And I believe it is a loooooot more than we think. Think about a lobster – they scream bloody murder when they are submerged in hot water. So yes, they feel loads of pain, which is why I think it is important to buy halal meat – meat that is made by careful consideration of the pain of the animal. I believe that is the best way to eat meat.

Do I Believe in Reincarnation?

That is a tricky question. Let me say it another way: if you believe in reincarnation, it will happen for you. But if you don’t believe in reincarnation, will it happen for you? No. In this case, I believe you are what you believe. So if you don’t want to go back to earth because you don’t want to go through pain anymore, and you feel you’ve learned all of your lessons, and you’re done being human, then yes, you can reach Nirvana/Heaven, etc. But I think the goal is to try to stick around for as long as we can handle, because we are rewarded for the suffering we endure on earth, as well as when we bring heaven down to earth.

Mediumship, is it real?

I don’t know if I believe in mediums; or rather, even if it appears real, is it even biblical? Not really. But here’s the thing: sometimes my daughter, who is 2, finds a way to say something hugely salient in a time that I’m trying to figure something out (for instance: I figured out what I wanted in life, and she said: wake up, I’m sorry. It was like, why would you say that then and there? Am I hearing things?) I don’t know if it means anything at all, but ultimately, I believe that you decide your own fate, but the point is to pick a fate.

Do I Believe in True Love? And What Does Quantum Mechanics Have To Do With It?

Heck yes, I do believe in True Love. I believe that thanks to science and Quantum Mechanics, we have a better understanding of what true love actually is. When I read stories in the book series Chicken Soup for the Soul, there are countless stories of love saving lives at a distance (or spooky action at a distance, to borrow the language of Quantum Mechanics). And how people can sense when their loved ones are dying or in trouble (I believe as you get closer to the light, your spiritual or subconscious velocity becomes faster, so then your location goes more awry, so that’s why you might appear in other people’s dreams more as you get closer to the light, or ghosts shortly after the loved one dies). And children have an amazing ability to connect to the spiritual realm, because they just came from it and they are unadulterated by society as much as middle agers are. Do they have imaginary friend? I believe so.

So my theory then is: if someone is getting closer to the light, either by dying, being older, or getting in the zone or in flow, or in mania, your spiritual velocity is fast that your location isn’t as solid, and so you can appear in dreams or even in as a figment in someone’s psyche (hearing their voices, or feeling someone’s touch, or seeing someone that isn’t there, like a hallucination). I’ve had that happen to me recently. Even though I was alone in my bedroom one crazy Friday night, I could sense his presence with me. It wasn’t crazy. It was willful. It didn’t happen to me. I wanted it to happen. I wanted to hear his voice, and see where he was. I pictured him on the bed next to me, looking at me. Yes, I am bona fide crazy, but maybe I am crazy for love?