More Healings and Miracles

More Healings and Miracles

August 26th 2019

I had an anxious day and night last night. It’s been long over-due, I suppose.

Since being pregnant, I often wake up in the middle of the night to go to the washroom. I haven’t really been losing sleep just broken up.

My boss’ sister told me her sister had cancer of the lymph nodes. I told her I would prayer for her because she still wants to live. One of these nights I decided to stay up and it was a revival episode of Sid Roth It’s Supernatural. As soon as the preach pray healing for lymphatic cancer stage 4, I felt heat eminate from my heart and my palm which had been raised up in the air.

I emailed my bosses saying there is going to be a stirring in her soul. She visited the office the next day, which never happens. My boss’s sister thinks I am psychic -I know I am a prophet.

(As a side note, my friend Cheryl received her healing of her knees through the show It’s Supernatural, all which I had been praying for healings).