My Child’s Calling?

My Child’s Calling?

April 17th 2019

Cycle day: 40
DPO: 23
Weight: 194.5 lbs
Symptoms: barely any except cramping, light-headedness, disliking meat, etc

When I was at work yesterday, I remembered that I asked the 700 club (a Christian Broadcasting Network TV show that I used to donate monthly to) to pray for us to conceive a child. It was actually my next ovulatory cycle, March 25th, that I believed I conceived, which in fact is exactly a year that Andrew and I have been together…

This morning, I was praying to God and asked Him what direction I should lead my child in? It was sort of blurry, but I saw a a word like “Basmutumin…”

It is comparable to Rasputin.

But why was it blurry? It wasn’t loud and thunderous with capital letters like I have seen once before. If it was God He would make it clear.

Rasputin was divisive and served only one side of the government. If God is good then a loving, serving child will love even their enemies and serve them.