My Husband Can Read My Mind!

My Husband Can Read My Mind!

I recently went through a post-partem episode that was beyond what I had experienced in the past. From feeling like I was birthing a new universe, to staring into the sun (was it just a dream?), to trying to control the universe that I created, to feeling like I was in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, to feeling like I was in hell/purgatory, to feeling like people knew my mind… it was intense. I felt like I knew the mysteries of the universe, about what makes men and women different, and when I was transferred to the Cambridge Hospital from Brantford, the patients were asking me what the mysteries were – and I felt, and said, that I didn’t know it, feeling like I let them down. I knew there was a code, and other people were talking about it too.

But there’s one thing that makes sense to me. When Jesus was tempted in the desert, He was there for 40 days and 40 nights under the desert sun. And you know what else? Babies are born needing UV light to remove jaundice, which is a condition all babies have. Light sustains babies health. So it got me thinking, is there a connection?

Looking into my babies eyes, at the beginning, was like looking into the sun – she was so bright, she left imprints in my eyelids when they were closed, and all I could see was my baby’s face. I saw her energy. She is truly a gift of God, borne from the love that Andrew and I deeply share.

A possibly new gift has been given to my husband, as my lord. I had asked a question quietly in my mind, and he answered it out loud while talking in his sleep. I didn’t write down what my question was or what he said, but the timing and the content was exactly perfect. And this has happened twice. The LORD is definitely with my husband, as He is revealing it to us. So there’s now a second thing my husband and I can do, the first being having shared dreams.

This is our family, this is us. A family that follows the LORD. Here’s to hoping that we follow the LORD wherever and whenever, and that we can be the right family for Elizabeth, our precious daughter, who loves the LORD as much as we do.