My Wedding Letter to Andrew

My Wedding Letter to Andrew

Wedding Letter and Personal Vows
April 23rd, 2019


We made it! We are here on our wedding day, our day to celebrate what we already know: that we love each other the way God intended, the way people dream of. I have found my king, my lord, my life. And now I really know that 1+1 take can equal more than 2, because our love makes us bigger than each of us on our own. 


My dearest Andrew, when we first met, we were two souls looking to find that deep connection that only a few people have. A connection with a true Christian, a connection through our beliefs, values, and principles, a connection with the one and true God, who is love incarnate. 


Looking into your eyes on our first date, ignoring all of society’s expectations of what first dates look like, was like looking into the window of your soul; a soul that was ready and eager to love. 


The moment I took that vulnerable leap of faith and fell in love, I knew our souls were forever going to be entwined. We know by faith that God has approved our union through our prayers, our early intentions and even our miraculous dreams that we’ve shared those nights. Knowing you is knowing God more closely. God truly is for you, for us. 


Although we have already committed ourselves through God this time last year, we decided to share this special day with our loved ones, to be witnesses to our love, and to support it through their thoughts, prayers, and encouragement. I will always be thankful for your bravery and courage to stand in front of so many people, just to make sure I’m happy. 


Due to this God-approved love that we share, I vow to be there for you when trials come our way, knowing that whatever trials we face is not as strong as the deep connection we have… And even if that connection may wain, knowing that I’ve never had connected so intimately with someone, gives me faith and hope of it not only returning, but growing into an even deeper romantic and spiritual connection. 


I vow to be there even if we are poor, which even helps to prioritize what’s truly important in life. I vow to be there through times of sickness and illness: to love you means offering myself up as a sacrifice the way Jesus died for us. I vow to stay loyal and true, forsaking all others, as evidence of my undying love for you. I vow to love you, cherish you, and hold you for all the days of my life. Please know, like God knows each hair on our head, that I will always, always, always love you, and I will always, always, always, stand by you. 


Your wife forevermore,
Mrs. Danielle Durocher