Our Covenant Before God

Our Covenant Before God

Andrew and I decided to be married before God. We set up a mini-altar with Candles, we knelt down, and said our Vows…

Andrew’s Vows

Our Father in Heaven,
Your name above all Others.
Today I confidently and humbly
Approach your throne to request your witness to
Proclaim my love for Danielle Bouchard to you
By Taking her as my wife this day.

That I be accountable to you for all that is required
in your holy institution of marriage with her.

Forgive me of my trespasses, as I offer up my life to you, and Danielle, to do your will.

As your child I ask that you be my teacher and guide
in continuously learning and growing into a deeper
Understanding of you and your commandments for me.

Proceeding faithfully in love, I make this commitment to you in obedience to you.

I ask for your protection and guidance to remain steadfast in unconditional love,
Reconciliation, purposefully growing in our newly established covenant marriage relationship.

That all that has been spoken of be done in Jesus Name.


Danielle’s Vows

Our glorious father and kin in Heaven, you have given us the wonderful gift of marriage. I choose to be obedient to you and have chosen Andrew Durocher to be my husband, to have and to hold for the rest of my life. I choose to stay true to the marriage and uphold its goodness and give and receive unconditional love wholeheartedly in the same way that Christ loves His church. That I will forgive and seek forgiveness, and that in all things I choose to remain faithful and pure. Thank you for your love for us and that as we grow in our covenant marriage, you will keep revealing to me what marriage means and I will be accountable to that. Protect us from the evil on and provide for our daily needs. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.