The Do’s and Dont’s for 2021

The Do’s and Dont’s for 2021

We are at the tail end of the pandemic, so things are looking up this year. I can’t imagine this year being much worse than last year… but I could be surprised. We’ve gone through some ups and downs, but in order for 2021 to be better we will have to make some important choices. Here are my top 10 do’s and don’ts.

1.Don’t take part in any violent protests

Regardless of whether you support Trump, it is never right to impose your right to protest on the right to life. No one should ever die or get injured over violent protests and it defeats the purpose. If you are going to fight for any one of your many rights, do so in a peaceful and nonviolent way. Take your cue from Mahatma Ghandi and stay away from violence.

2. Do voice your concerns where appropriate

Right now we are living in unprecedented times. So many decisions are being made on a global scale unlike before, and so there are bound to be some mistakes (the way they are prioritizing vaccines is a hot topic that comes to mind at the moment). Thankfully, we are also living in a time where tweets and YouTube comments can make a world of a difference, as the voice of the people are being heard more clearly than ever before. So this is where it is our turn: we make those comments, we voice our opinions and concerns, and if there are enough of us, it could mean change in the higher levels. So this is a good time for global problems so to speak, as there are many tools and access to global communication and information sharing than ever before.

3. Don’t skip the vaccine

We all know there are inherent risks to vaccines in general, let alone this quickly rolled out covid-19 vaccine. But even with the risks considered, there are still greater risks when it comes to the covid-19 virus itself. The virus can cause death or severe and permanent health issues. We will all need to grit our teeth and bite the bullet so to speak, because the greater odds of this turning out is if everyone gets vaccinated. Everyone has their right to choose for the body, but that would be the selfish route.. Take the risk, think selflessly and take the selfless route that helps eradicate this disease.

4. Do be patient and hypervigilant

It is going to take some time to roll out the vaccine of course, because we are essentially trying to give medications to everyone in the whole world all at once. It is going to take some time. Likewise, even if we get the vaccine, mutations or other unforeseen circumstances could make the vaccine useless. So we need to be patient as their world fights a common enemy: a virus. But once we do get the vaccine, it is important that we remain hypervigilant. If something doesn’t feel right or you are getting some unknown side effects, speak out. You need to let your local authority know that you are experiencing side effects. So you need to be hypervigilant about your health, but you also need to be hypervigilant about the virus still. We don’t know everything about the vaccine and its effects on the virus. So it isn’t time to go running off into the wild. You need to keep taking precautions until good results are coming in. Keep yourself and everyone you love safe.

5. Don’t trust your information with the Big Techs like Amazon and Facebook

News sources of revealed that the father of the internet is making a new internet in order to avoid and prevent monopolies, as well as improved ways of shielding your private information. This is because there are inherent evils with the concept of monopolies. They shouldn’t be the ones deciding who’s information should be censored and who shouldn’t because they have biases being who they are. Additionally, respect of information is a huge problem when it comes to marketing on social media, with tailor made ads to promote their products and increased sales. Selling or providing information for the purposes of profit is a definite evil and should never have happened in the first place.

6. Do look for alternatives

Of course, if you are unhappy with the Big Techs, feel free to find alternative apps. There are so many on the internet waiting to fill that avoid. I personally am on MeWe messenger app, which looks promising. And I shop on local websites as well.

7. Don’t wish for the end of the world

I am a Christian, and with that comes the anticipation for Jesus’ triumphant return as the king of kings and the lord of lords; however, by wishing for the end of the world I would basically be saying I want all non-believers to go to hell and for tribulation to begin, which is a nasty but necessary step. Wish for the end of the world misses out on opportunities for evangelism and trying to make this current world a better place. The new song by Katy Perry called “Not the End of the World” is a good song because it shows that we need to be in the moment, in the here-and-now and keep serving our fellow people before the end of the world as we know it begins.

8. Do hope for solutions that will save humanity and planet earth

The easy thing is to hope for the ending. The hard thing to do is take what you have been given and make it beautiful. This generation has inherited a mess- we have climate change, tumbling landfills, we have civil unrest, we have rising sea levels and melting glaciers, overuse of plastics, and the possibility of food shortages from a skyrocketing population increases, lack of biodiversity, and the widening gaps between rich and poor. So many problems! However, we can also be the generation that seeks solutions. There’s a possibility or cleaning out greenhouse gases from our atmosphere, we are planting more trees, we are trying to protect species that are endangered, etc. Science can offer solutions, as long as you first start from a place of love and respect for your fellow citizens of the world. Then that will direct you to the answers we need to save our planet.

9. Don’t get into conspiracy theories

I do everything I can to stay away from anything that looks like a conspiracy theory, because I don’t want to have an attitude to life like I can’t trust anything or anyone. Sure, there are some evildoers out there that would exploit me or country, or that there are certain powers that would seek to take control of you. But do I want to dwell in the thought that there could be when instead I can firmly lay rest on the foundation that I do know of? The latter answer is my answer. I don’t think thinking about conspiracy theory has any benefit unless you are trying to tear it wide open. But if that’s not the case, then don’t bother, and focus on reality and what you DO know.

10. Do be skeptical and question things that don’t make sense

But on the flip side, if something you see or hear doesn’t make sense, it is perfectly reasonable to be skeptical and doubt. It is only when we question things that we receive our answers, so don’t take face value for granted. Go deeper, seek and search until you are satisfied with the answer. Yes, we should have faith on some things, but make that choice of faith when you are ready.

I hope you liked what you’ve read, and have a Happy New Year!