We’re Having a Baby!!!

We’re Having a Baby!!!

We had a positive pregnancy test!!! We are so happy, when I told Andrew, I was shaking!!!

Let me tell you the story of how it came to pass.

For a few months now, I was concerned about Andrew’s intentions – did he really want to have children with me? I tend to have a Catholic perspective on children… not to wear condoms, do not use the withdrawal method, etc. So I was concerned.

But then in late February/early March, I decided to leave it to God in prayer and just focus on loving Andrew. So I sent a prayer request to 700 Club from the CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) that we would conceive.

I received a reply. Here is the email:


700 Club Canada – Week of Prayer

Mrs Danielle Bouchard               March 26, 2019

Dear Danielle,

Thank you for the wonderful privilege of praying for you! As we join our faith with yours and believe God for your miracle, please know that no matter what you may be facing, God loves you with an everlasting, all-powerful love. Every day at The 700 Club Canada, we hear amazing stories of God’s incredible love—like this one:

Penny was 40 when she and her husband Stephen learned she was pregnant with their third child. Then, an ultrasound at 17 weeks revealed that their baby had a hole in his heart. More alarming news followed. The child’s kidneys weren’t functioning properly.

Penny and Stephen asked for prayers from their church, their neighbours, and from The 700 Club Prayer Centre. “We are speaking life over our son,” Penny told the doctors. They prayed, “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. There’s no illness in heaven and no kidney disease.”

Little Stephen was born four weeks premature and the life-giving prayers continued. The hole in his heart disappeared! After six months, he came home on a dialysis machine and a feeding pump. Progress was slow, and when he was strong enough, Penny gave him one of her kidneys.

Today, Stephen is a happy 5-year-old, and the family believes the miracle of their son’s life came from God through the power of prayer. “Nothing is too big for God,” Penny expressed.

God wants the best for you too! Let me hear from you how God has answered your prayers.

Yours in Christ,

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Although I had been tracking fertility signs, I hadn’t been to careful about it this time around – I even drank, so as not to follow the fertility diet and just focus on loving and having fun with Andrew.

I decided that night we would make love (March 26th).

Then I had a faint positive April 7th! That was 12 days later from the email… was it possible that God granted our prayers, after we decided to completely trust in Him?

And there’s more. Andrew said to me early in our relationship that he wanted us to be together for at least one year before having kids. We met March 25th… and we possibly conceived March 26th… Coincidence? By now, I hope you know that I am not into coincidences… everything happens in an orderly and fashioned way, and it all has a purpose. So I know this child was God-given. Praise God!