Demons Are Real

Demons Are Real

I have an interesting situation that happened to me and my partner Andrew.

There was a night, without explanation, that I was having problem sleeping. I felt like I was having a mental and/or spiritual battle. After some time tossing and turning, I went into the living room and knelt down on a pillow and asked God to deliver me from Satan.

I still couldn’t sleep that night, so I went in and out of wakefulness while watching tv.

The next day I told Andrew that I had a hard time sleeping.

A couple of days later, Andrew admitted to me that he had seen what he believed to be a demon. He made a picture/representation of what he saw. It was on my side of the bed and it was in a sitting position and it had cat-like eyes, and it was black with a black haze around it. He never saw something like that before, but he didn’t take it too seriously and he went to sleep unafraid, knowing that as Christian it won’t possess us.

After some time of reflection, I had decided that it wasn’t a coincidence. We both are connected to the spiritual world through Christ and we were both sensing something. I was potentially being attacked and he sensed that somehow. I think we could really make a great team in ministry,  but I am not sure how exactly just yet.

All I know is, when you are comfortable with life, when there doesn’t seem to be any problems or issues, when you aren’t experiencing any attacks from evil spirits or entities, that’s exactly what the devil wants. Sin is like a jail cell, except you don’t want to leave because it is comfortable. Satan attacks those that have a high potential for God’s kingdom here on earth.