Defining a Few Terms

Defining a Few Terms

I have a hard time figuring out what word to use to describe my experiences. Sometimes I use psychic, other times I use synchronicities, others, prophetic. In this article, I am going to flush out how I use and don’t use the terms.


  • You see things in advance before they happen

Examples for me include dreams that predicted the next day, or being able to arise with thoughts unconsciously while it happens in reality (close to intuition)

  • You see things just as they are about to happen

This is a future-minded ability, but almost in the present. This I would also consider to be synchronicity.

  • You connect on a deep level with like-minded people.

Examples include my shared dreams with my husband, or him being able to read my mind.

  • You talk to others about what you see to warn them

You don’t just experience these things, but you show others what you see in the off chance that you can help them. This is includes a dream I had of my mother-in-law being stuck in an apartment fire. So I warned them.

***What I don’t mean is sitting at a table and doing a reading, make money, or take advantage of the vulnerable.


  • You receive impressions regarding an object or person

Your mind might show a word, a feeling, or a thought about some object. I have seen auras on people, and with my own baby I saw her actual energy.

  • You receive actual words from God

This is literal. You directly hear from God. Prophets directly hear it as a voice from God saying “Thus Sayeth the Lord”. This is like in my 2nd episode where I heard and saw the thunderous male words, “This is God: Go Home”.

  • You see wrong in the world and you attempt to make it better

If you are on my facebook, you would have seen my posts to try to warn people about the devastation that abortion brings. This is based on an empathetic understanding of those who have gone through it and suffered tremendously. I am outspoken on this and other topics that I know lead to pain and suffering.

  • You edify others

The prophetic gift isn’t one where you bring down, but raise up individuals. The prophetic gift is a responsibility to help people get  right with God using your particularly gifts and communication you receive.

I hope this helps explain to people what I mean when I use these words.