While in Hospital

While in Hospital

***TRIGGER WARNING*** Graphic imagery

While I was in the hospital for my second episode, I had my computer and I was blogging about my experiences. There’s some clear miracles, as well as some interesting going-ons. Read below for an interesting perspective on “mental illness” and judge for yourself.

Someone Else’s Dream

I was sitting on the floor in the middle of the couched area while someone was sitting on the corner chair. He felt the need to share this dream… I dreamt that I saved this girl from cutting her neck. I couldn’t believe it, I cut my neck and then believed in God to be saved and asked for gifts. This patient knew about it. I started to believe that perhaps God was with this patient.

Raising a patient

This godly woman and I shared a hallucination about the fact that I am the second coming of Jesus. Then as she said she changed the hearts of those who would be toward us, a whole bunch of people started to help us out. And this woman also knew very intimate details about my brother, namely that his heart is all black (she even knew his name). She said he was not a saint. She had been complaining that she was not being treated right and I tried to voice her concerns and be her advocate, but to no avail. At one point a nurse passed us by and said “She’s gone”. My angel and I both got up and went into the common area in front of the nurses station. I saw her husband and he looked absolutely devastated. Then I suddenly felt very weak and I consciously fell down. The nurses surrounded me and helped me to get up. They noticed I was slightly hypotensive. It was at that point that this godly woman came to. Many people witnessed and a lot of them actually believed immediately it was a miracle.


  • Ex. On my knees and the radio said “on my knees”, and then Jesus saves song came on a regular radio channel (i.e. not Christian). Also, my Angel keeps putting songs on about Angels or God makes me aware of them when it happens, bumping into the same people over and over and over again, etc.
  • Reading a book and synchronicities happening with that. Example: pregnancy I mentioned to a nurse also mentioned in book/mentioned as well as on TV.
  • I think things before they happen. Ex. thinking of a name just before someone says it, or being at the same place at the same time almost every time a certain person leaves their room
  • While we were watching TV, our own city of Brantford was on TV. Of all the channels, and of all the times, to watch it, it was that channel and time we watched it. And to be present while it was on as well.


  • Having a dream that comes to life the next day. Example: dreaming of rainbows and someone mentioning rainbows the next day.

Touching people’s hearts

  • Feeling the pain of others and having to ease them from myself.

Feeling and healing those around me

  • Sometimes I feel a back ache if I am around someone or thinking about them or both, and so I have to lie down and rest on their behalf. I noticed one more had exceptionally renewed vigour after I had done that.


  • There was an instant where a man was having trouble not sleeping all day. And for a few days I had been waking him up in the morning. One morning, I apologized for making him feel uncomfortable and he replied with “Don’t wake me up in the morning”. So I didn’t. Then another patient woke him up. When this man asked this other patient why he woke him up, the patient said “Because you told me to”. The man said Not to. I believe God had told the patient to wake him up against what the man wanted.

Breakfast Tray

  • I set up the breakfast tray neatly for this man mentioned above. After he woke up, and ate, a social worker came by and said they took the finished breakfast trays really early back downstairs. I mentioned it was fortunate that the man had his breakfast tray because he was the one that always sleeps in. I believe he knew it was a miracle as well.

Doors closing very loudly or knocking on door

  • The door closing seems very loud, and once I heard a door knocking and opening for an Indian man who decided to walk with Christ.

Person having headaches after looking at me

  • One of the first people to believe me looked at me for an extended period of time while I was explaining my experiences. At which point for days he was having trouble seeing and had headaches. 

Hearing my own voice on the telephone

  • “My sheep hear my voice” – sometimes, but not all the time, I hear my own voice play back to me on the payphone.

Dizzy Spells for Demons

  • I looked at a lady and at one point had a dizzy spell and she later had a dizzy spell. She then realized she needed to go back to her faith. Then the dizziness went away. I also looked at a friend’s cell phone and start to become dizzy. I told him their might be a demon in it. He took his phone and threw it across his bedroom and broke a table as well. It also happened when I started staring at the TV for too long.

Physical sensations before something happens

  • Many promptings of the holy spirit (physical sensations), feeling things before or as they happen.

Words and phrases that come into my mind

  • Much like the show “Sherlock” with Benedict Cumberbatch, I see words or pictures that correspond in real life. For instance,  one of the first things was “This is God: go home!” I also saw “False prophet” for a girl who thinks she is speaking the truth but often isn’t. “Commercial” just when the commercial came on the tv. “Danielle” when a female patient decided call me out of bed. She was in the hallway. I also saw a spider in my vision and later, was given a spider colouring page of my choosing.


  • I had another point where I fainted consciously and it was when I was reading a good book and trying to potentially exorcize a demon and the text mentioned the prophet Daniel (I had been seeing that passage of scripture time and time again with regards to end times). I fainted in front of the fellow whom I thought was being run by demons. Also fainted in front of the tv when they were talking about the fact that 2017 is a double jubilee year and predicted the second coming of Christ.

Another person’s dream

  • A girl dreamt of a fat, rounded lady and they were looking for an apartment. I laughed, because she told it to the guy that I had admitted to him having feelings for him and I already mentioned to my ex that I wanted an apartment. She told us this dream just after the man said he wanted one of those micro houses. She also wants to be pregnant.


  • I had a vision while I was taking a bath. The water was going green. Several times it happened.

Predicting/seeing things before they happen

  • Many times I see things before they happen. When we were playing a group game in session, I kept guessing telephone jokingly. After the second time,  woman came up and said she was missing her telephone.
  • Also, I have to confirm this with a man, but there may have been a time that I bowed my head and clasped my hands at the same time as a point in Bourne Identity. A man exclaimed, “perfect timing”. He has also said of me, “You are something”.

Weather (In like a lamb, out like a lion for March)

  • When I first came in, the weather was normal. But then the weather became extremely cold. And windy.

End times

  • Many clues that we are at the end times or already reached that point. Example, two people’s watches were slowing down at the same time, and then they also added a clock at one point. One girl said when she was at the casino she couldn’t see the time (although the Casino possibly intentionally does that, the miracle is that the girl decided to share that tid bit knowing what I know).

Chocolate Cake

  • Even a catholic social worker was stumped on this one. I had told him that I may be a bonafide saint. I explained that I did my ancestry and found out I come from a line of kings, queens, and saints. Anyway, that day he said we were going to be baking. I asked if there would be chocolate. He said he could get some. Then another lady reminded us later that we were going to be getting chocolate brownies for dinner. So I found the social worker and told him nevermind about the chocolate. Sure enough, when we reached the upstairs kitchen, we found a box of chocolate cake mix. He picked it up and stared at it astonishingly!

Patient Cured of Her Heaviness of Her Sin

  • This particular patient had already said that I am a beautiful person. One day, I sent a text and prayer along the lines of, “I pray and sing that God will wipe away all the sins of mankind.” I was walking and texting. I put my phone away and this girl who was bad off suddenly turned to me and hugged me, saying thank you and that I was better than a psychiatrist. She immediately went to play foosball. Later, she came back when we did a therapy session with music and she told me in front of everyone that I have known from the very beginning and she sung a song “Did you ever know that you’re my hero” and “You are the wind beneath my wings” and also the song “Hello Darkness, my old friend”.

One and Two Synchronicity

I was walking past the nursing station and they were having technical difficulties. “Steve” the nurse was talking about number 1 (which corresponded with the thought in my head that I’m number one. Immediately afterwards I thought of the first person that I kneeled to, and then the nurse said number two. So I have been understanding it that way.

The Miracle of Cards

  • A recent miracle. I was experiencing impatience because people were trying to force God into action by doing magic, doing miracles not in God’s will, not understanding that God is the only perfect being, and only God knows when or what will happen. So I wanted to play the game called Speed. But when I tried to divvy up the cards, they were not adding up. I literally separated all of the cards and then reshuffled, I tried it again by going slow and dealing again but again I had 1 extra card. They game cannot be played without it being perfect. I then exclaimed that I just experienced a miracle and that I need to work on patience. I walked away.

The Miracle of Pictionary

  • Firstly, the recreational therapist said “Wonderful to grace us with your presence”. The social worker wanted me to lead. I didn’t know, didn’t want to. Then he said, anyone who has the nearest birthday goes next. Between mine and his birthday, we were off by 1 day and I was to lead! So then I drew a very well granddaughter but no one got it, and I explained “They have eyes but they do not see”. Than the recreational therapist said, “I bet it will be grandson”. And close enough, I get “son”! I said I was going to be brave so I wrote “Me” and then after requests, I drew a cross. They weren’t getting it so then I drew similarly and we got it this time.
Someone Mistaking Me For Somebody Else

Someone saw who they were going to visit in me instead of actual me. We looked somewhat alike but not to the point of being confused by that much – the other person had black hair, I have brown, and they have brown eyes and I have blue eyes. He was a male, I female. So it is hard to explain why someone would have seen a completely different person.
“We are all being transformed in his image. He will not fail you nor forsake you.”