Pandemic and Politics: Predictions

Pandemic and Politics: Predictions

As a prophetic ministry Christian, I feel as though God slows my time down in order to show me things in real time. I have uncanny situations that happen all the time. I feel like it is time for me to work on my prophetic ministry.

The key is to be able to decipher between my thoughts, God’s thoughts, and even Satan’s thoughts. Satan seeks to steal, kill, and destroy, so anything that causes doubt in something good, anything that sows confusion about good things, I ignore. Then, I challenge myself to first, focus on adoring God. He is a God of love, so to prevent Satan from messing up my thoughts, I first focus on adoration of God. Then, to filter out my own thoughts, I put things to the test and see if my predictions were accurate. God is always right. So if it wasn’t right, then I didn’t hear His voice, but my own.

That being said, I am going to try and make a few predictions about the upcoming Canadian election and the pandemic.




The pandemic will be officially over in February 2023.

Why? That will mark the 2 year mark, and if we are able to do anything about the pandemic, it would be in the first two years. Beyond that, it’s either going to always be around, or be forever gone.

Trudeau will win a minority government in 2021.

Although people are upset with Justin Trudeau, I think Canada is Liberal enough to still vote for him to make a minority government. This will create chaos in politics and make any policies moving forward nearly impossible. Daycare issues will still be left unresolved.

So how am I going to test this? Well, if the election prediction isn’t correct, it gives doubt that the pandemic prediction is accurate as well. If I am going to prophesy, everything has to be accurate.

These are my predictions. Let’s see if God inspired it.