Prayers to Heal My Arrogance

Prayers to Heal My Arrogance

June 26th 2019

Dear Lord,

My Lord, my life. You are my sinless saviour, the love who was sent directly by God who gave His life as a ransom for me and my sins… who suffered more than any man should have to suffer, who was spat on, insulted, whipped, and crucified. This is my God who is willing to lose this life for others. This is my Lord.

Lord, You are the word I see, I believe, I trust. I will follow you. Lord, show me my sin.

Sometimes I wrongly think I am Jesus. I know I am not.

Lord, show me something you want me to see:


Lord, speak. I am not “I do” or “I feel” or “I think”. It’s only “I AM”. He is the great I AM”.