Prophetic Vision Journal

Prophetic Vision Journal

I first had a hallucination before my first known episode back in 2014. I was intensely attracted to someone I knew even though I was married. I was obsessive. And so, at one point I looked in the mirror and saw his face as part of the reflection of mine. It oddly didn’t freak me out. I was calmed by it. I was already in a state of euphoria, and I was admiring the sounds of nature while in my bath and I felt a oneness with the universe.

I also had a somewhat different vision. At near the peak of my mania, when I decided to turn from my ways and I was seeking help and guidance. I was at a Baptist Church. My friend who attended was there, and I respected and esteemed greatly. We shared the passion of music. Anyway, at one point she seemed somewhat stoned-face, a little awkward and stiff or stiff lipped, but the important bit: I recognized a type of halo around her. I can see it so clearly now: but it wasn’t a light halo so much. What it looked more like was a heat mirage and wavering of the tangible over her head, as if she was on fire and the world directly above her was hot. That is probably the best way to explain it and very accurate. What did she say? She said, “The Holy Spirit is strong in you.”

I also had several visions at one point the day of my first entrance into the hospital for my issue. I was in bed desperately trying to get to sleep. I suddenly started seeing visions of 2-3 ethereal angels hovering over the falls in our area. They were transparent and beautiful. I was also at one point hovering over the pope where he was in front of thousands of people. I felt calm immediately afterwards. But I interpreted rather quickly afterwards and ironically, I started to get stressed out because I thought it was a sign from God calling me home. I thought it was a sign that he wanted me in heaven. That’s when I started to get stressed. Mind you, I had been dabbling in not-so-good sins and fantasies and such so I was playing with fire. Sure enough, I was admitted to the hospital that night.

November 8th, 2015

I was semi-awake and then there was white light with Jesus from head to show showing and I heard, “Follow Jesus” (I rarely dream about Jesus, even though at the time I wanted to dream about Him and prayed that Jesus would enter into my dream).
Result: On November 9th, I saw on facebook in a bible study group a bible verse, John 15:16, “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” So this quote shows that Jesus chooses us to follow Him. The bible study reflection question was, “How does this verse encourage you to respond to Jesus’ invitation to follow him?” Also, before I had the dream on November 6th, I put a quote on my facebook page, “Ultimately healthy religion can only be recognized by the fruits it yields.(James 1902)”.

February 26th, 2017

As I was falling asleep, I was alerted by the fact that I kept getting a spinning image in my mind’s eye. First, an older light car had struck something and spun out in circles. Then, I saw a wheel, like the wheel of fortune. After that, I was given an impression of the name “Freeman” as well as the word “Please” or “Peace”. All of these words were blurry in my mind’s eye, but that’s the impression. I wrote it down thinking it could be important and I really wanted to sleep and not think about it.

The next morning, as per usual, I surf the internet. I googled a few dream symbols here and there, about spinning, and then about prophecies in general. Then after about half an hour of browsing, I come across the name David Friedman. This guys was appointed Israel Ambassador for the U.S. A cursory search of David Friedman shows he is an Orthodox Jew and is opposed the 2-state solution for Israel/Palestine. Also, they will be moving the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to the dismay of some. One notable quote regarding dissent was from Gaeb Erekat, who said the move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem would lead to “destruction of the peace process” and perpetrate “chaos, lawlessness, and extremism”.

So here is my initial interpretation. Of course, I could be wrong but this is what I’ve got so far. Knowing that Donald Trump is a Christian and stands for Christian values, and knowing that Obama performed some devious stunts to allow the UN to vote against the building of settlements in the West Bank, ultimately I believe that the nomination of David Friedman was a good thing and should bring peace. However, because there are also decisions that people at large have to make, there is a question mark in that it could lead to chaos/destruction/etc. and that we really just need to pray to ensure that there will be peace in the Middle East during these changes.

The only thing this interpretation doesn’t account for is the spinning images I kept receiving. I am going to wait on God to help reveal what that could mean. Stay tuned!