December 9th Progress Report…

December 9th Progress Report…


Weight: 155.8 lbs

Bust: 37.5 in (-0.5 in)
Waist: 34 in
Hips: 42 in
Butt: 43.5 in (+0.5 in)
Thighs: 26 in
Calves: 14 in (-0.5 in ea)
Triceps: 13 in (-1 in ea)

Since November 26th…
Overall weight lost: 2.6 lbs
Overall inches lost: 3 inches

Overall inches lost since September: 15 inches

Here is how I look this far:


Here is an example of what I have been eating (December 5th):


And here is the Nutrition Report from December 1st to December 9th:


As you can see from the nutrition report, I have finally eaten a good amount of fat, and my calcium is in check. But I do need to eat more protein…
Although today I was super hungry, I’ve been pretty good for the last 2 weeks. I’ve exercised 5 days a week for around 300 minutes/week and at around 1500 calories give or day of food. I’ve been doing meal planning ahead of time. Have also been doing yoga. And I think I only had 1 full dessert (crepe with ice cream for Christmas dinner for work). I am wondering if i should work on maintaining this weight loss or keep going with my momentum…
Here is my meal plan for the week:
B: Smoothie
S: Almonds and an apple
L: Tuna Salad sandwich with beans
D: Cabbage Rolls
B: Smoothie
S: Almonds and an apple
L: Chicken pasta salad
D: Tofu with green beans and potatoes