February 21st Progress Report… and Europe!

February 21st Progress Report… and Europe!

Weight: 155.6 lbs
Bust: 37 in
Waist: 35 in
Hips: 42.5 in
Butt: 42.5 in
Thighs: 27 in
Calves: 14.5 in
Triceps: 14 in
# of pounds lost since January 29: +1.8 lbs
# of inches lost since January 29: +5 in
# of pounds lost since 1st week of January 2017: +1 lbs
# of inches lost since 1st week of January 2017: +4 in
Weight Tracking:
Here is what I look like:
Total Steps (2 weeks): 199 000 steps
Total personal training sessions: 0
It is ironic because I completely believed I lost several pounds (even to the point of being in the 140 lbs range). I had asked my partner several times to buy a weight scale to see where I was at. Boy was I wrong! Although I don’t think this is horrible news. Firstly, I seemed to have lost weight in my bust. That may indicate some fat loss. On top of that, my calves have actually grown a whopping 0.5 inches each! That is amazing considering it has never gone up really since losing weight, only down. And considering I have done hundreds of flight of stairs in the past few weeks since being in Italy, I am confident that I have gained a considerable amount of muscle in my bottom half (which could explain for gained inches). But I am uncertain about my waist going up. I am sure that I have ovulated very recently. And I saw that I have been bloated. So I think I could have gained some additional pounds of water. It would be truly surprising that I have gained lots of weight, because I rarely finished my meals, and usually my meals were salads! I did have 2-3 desserts, brownie/creme brulee/sorbet. For 2 weeks. I have been drinking more juices and soda pop (ginger ale when feeling nauseous). So all in all I think I didn’t gain all that much fat weight. But we’ll see as the week progresses.

In other news…

I did it! I went to Europe! And it wasn’t as bad as I worried it was going to be.

First, we went to the Airport on Saturday to head off. Unfortunately, because there are new regulations that state the passport has to be current 3 months after you leave, I was refused from leaving! Fortunately, they re-booked our flight for the next day and we had to follow the steps to get an Emergency Passport for the next day. We got it in half an hour on a Sunday! It was incredible… but I guess anyone would do anything if they get paid enough… and yes, yes they did,

So on Sunday, we were more successful. We boarded the plan. While taking off, to deal with my anxiety, I decided for the ultimate distraction technique and started talking about our relationship. My husband and I talked throughout take off and I decided that I wouldn’t look outside and pretend like I was in a car. And it worked! I was able to stay calm and relaxed during my flight. I watched a few movies and in general kept occupied until we landed. It was a very smooth flight, with absolutely no turbulence.

We landed in Amsterdam around 2am EST. We passed these giant tulips (because, of course, it’s Amsterdam). Since I was helping with selling tulips at work for a charity, I decided to take a picture. Here was what I said in the email:

Subject: While in transit…

…Came across tulips a 2am in Amsterdam… Now accepting orders for extra large!

I had a smoked salmon breakfast at the airport, my first meal in Europe!

We boarded the plane and finished the leg of the journey to Europe. We landed in Paris and it was still early. My first meal was a 4 salad and foie gras dish. It was fantastic! I learned quickly to rely on there being fresh baguette for each meal, which was nice. 

That night, we took the train to Nice and then took the sleeper train (La Couchet) to Ventimiglia, Italy. It was an alright city, but I was not too impressed. Than we went to San Remo and then to Tagia, Italy and there we had some business to take care of. These cities were very nice and I liked them a lot.

On Monday, we finally reached our destination in Italy, which was Ceriana, but not before we took a precarious drive through the moments in a speeding bus. I was tired and hungry, so that added to the stress. But we survived, surprisingly. We met our contact who first took us to the grocery store to get some food and then to the apartment which we would be staying for several days. It was a beautiful apartment, even to the point that I was willing to buy it! My husband liked it as well.

Tuesday morning we went to the grocery store and purchased food for the day. My husband had some business to attend to, so I took the day to relax. I decided that I had no need to go to the monastery in Italy for a spiritual retreat from Thursday to Saturday. I was sequestered as it was, and I had been spending a lot of time reflecting as it was so there was no need to add stress and constantly change where I was staying.

That night, we went for a walk around Ceriana and even passed by the house that my mother-in-law purchased. We didn’t go in as it was too dark, but I noticed it was on a very steep hill! It had a wonderful view of an old church down below. It was spectacular.

I had walked over 300 flights of stairs (10 steps=flight) that night due to the hilly nature of that mountainous village. It was so amazing.