January 14th Progress Report…

January 14th Progress Report…

I decided to do a progress report this week instead of in 2 weeks because I have had such an interesting week in terms of weight loss, that I wanted to post about it.


Weight: 154.8 lbs

Bust: 38 in (+1 inches since last week)
Waist: 34 in (+0.5 inches since last week)
Hips: 42 in (+1 inches since last week)
Butt: 43 in (+0.5 inches since last week)
Thighs: 26 in
Calves: 14 in
Triceps: 14 in

# of pounds lost since January 8th: +1.6 lbs
# of inches lost since January 8th: +3 inches

Weight tracking for this week:

Here is what I look like:


1st day for the 8 week Wellness Challenge at my gym

Here is an example of what I ate this week:

Friday January 13th
Breakfast: Smoothie, 2 eggs + 2 slices bacon
Snack: Yogurt
Lunch: Tuna Wrap + Soup
Dinner: Trout + Mashed potatoes + Salad

Estimated Calories: 1850 calories

So I am surprised by how much my weight varied this time around. In a span of one day (8th-9th) I reached my lowest ever weight since my weight loss journey has started (153.4 lbs) back up to 156.6 lbs. Unless it was an inaccurate read on the scale (which I doubt since I always measure multiple times), then I changed by 3.2 lbs in a day! But for the most part my weight has been good ever since. And I am happy that I have reached a new low weight of 153.4 lbs. Unfortunately my weight for today is not as low as that (154.4 lbs) but it is still on the low end. Only yesterday I was at my new lowest of 153.2 lbs. And I haven’t been feeling all that hungry, although I have been forcing myself to eat more to not lose weight so fast. And I only exercised 3 times this week technically…

I am hoping to maintain calories at around  1800 and still lose weight. I also want to add an extra session of exercising next week, and for the Wellness Challenge I am also hoping to keep up with 10 000 steps a day.

Meal Plan for Next Week

B: Smoothie (2% Vanilla greek yogurt, 2 tblspoons flax seed, frozen berries, 1/2 banana, milk, protein powder) + 2 eggs = 470 calories
S: Peanuts + Oranges = 200 calories
L: Bean Salad = 500 calories
D: Liver + Potatoes + Bell peppers + juice = 550 calories

=1750 calories

B: Smoothie (2% Vanilla greek yogurt, 2 tblspoons flax seed, frozen berries, 1/2 banana, milk, protein powder) = 470 calories
S: Walnuts + apples = 250 calories
L: Asian Sesame Tuna Wrap + Carrot sticks = 650 calories
D: Salmon + Rice + Salad + Juice = 450 calories

= 1850 calories

In other news…
This week I was able to see EPI (Early Psychosis Intervention) and my psychiatrist to determine what course of action I should take. Because of my panic attack and all my added stresses (put an offer on a house, job promotion, thinking of having kids, the holiday seasons stresses, mother-in-law in town, booking a flight to Europe, the gossip about me at work, etc.), and knowing that there is approximately a 50% relapse or withdrawal risk for me without meds for the 1st year after having taken it for 2 years, my doctor decided to play it safe and prescribed me 0.5 mg Resperidone with ability to increase by 0.5 mg increments if symptoms worsen (insomnia, lack of sleep, feeling on top of the world/up and down, anxiety, stress, weird thoughts, etc.). I cried at the appointment, and said “I am a failure”. Immediately, the staff intervened and said not at all, that I have come so far, etc. And then after I felt better, I chuckled, “At least I can say I will be taking a mental holiday…”. But knock-on-wood, today I barely even feel a difference with 0.5 mg Resperidone. I feel great, I feel like it took the edge off a little bit and am more able to cope with simple daily life stresses. I wonder if my weight going up and down was the causes or an effect… I guess I will never know.