January 8th, 2017 Progress Report…

January 8th, 2017 Progress Report…

A new year has begun and is underway! Because of this, I will be making some changes to my blog for this year in terms of formatting, and adding a few sections, etc.


Weight: 153.2 lbs

Bust: 37 in (-0.5 in)
Waist: 33.5 in (-0.5 in)
Hips: 41 in (-1 in)
Butt: 42.5 in (-1 in)
Thighs: 26 in
Calves: 14 in
Triceps: 14 in


To reach 141 lbs and be back in the normal range for my age and height

Here is what I look like now:


Meal plan for next week:

B: Smoothie + oatmeal
S: Almonds and fruit
L: Whole wheat penne with meat sauce and salad
D: Hot dogs with Michigan sauce/sauerkraut

B: Smoothie + oatmeal
S: Almonds and fruit
L: Tuna salad sandwich
D: Hot dogs with sauerkraut

In other news…
I had a panic attack Friday night before bed. Feeling at least a little bit hypomanic. I talked to my family doctor and he advised that I take one 250 mg pill of Epival this week until I can see my psychiatrist, and he also prescribed me Lorazepam in case I have another panic attack, or cannot sleep have been having difficulty sleeping), and when I fly to Europe if I get too nervous. I ate a lot this weekend. Maybe I had anxiety because of my weight loss. Or maybe my nausea these last few week had been making me eat less… or maybe both are symptoms of mania. Or medication withdrawal. Will try to lose less weight next week.