Month and Year in Review… 19.2 lbs lost!

Month and Year in Review… 19.2 lbs lost!

Month in Review
I had decided to take it a little easier this month since I did get sick, I knew I was going to be covering people on vacation at work, and because my weight loss has been consistent and good. I read somewhere that once you lose around 7-8 % of your body weight, you should maintain the weight loss to prevent weight gain in the long run.
Year in Review

2016 starting weight: 175 lbs
2016 end weight: 155.8 lbs
Total weight loss 2016: 19.2 lbs
Total inches lost as of September 2016: 14 inches

Goals Achieved and Accomplishments
Off psychotropic medications and presently stable
Reached half of New Year’s resolution to lose 40 lbs
Got a job

I have several New Year’s resolutions. These are not exhaustive, but they include:

1) Walk for 15 minutes every day outside
2) Lose 20 more pounds
3) Do something spiritual each and every day

Something for my mind, body, and spirit. I want to walk outside and connect with nature every single day to relax, rewind, and practice mindfulness. I want to continue working out my body and eating well, hence the 20 lbs weight loss goal. And of course, something spiritual, even if it is just wearing my cross, or mentioning something about my beliefs or faith, or going to church. Whatever opportunity I have, I will take it. This way I can have a balanced approach to self-improvement.

Here is my Weight Tracking from September to December 2016:

Here is my weight loss journey in pictures…