October 13th Progress Report…

October 13th Progress Report…


Weight: 159 lbs

Bust: 37.5 in
Waist: 34 in (-1.5 in)
Hips: 42.5 in (-1 in)
Butt: 44 in (-0.5 in)
Thighs: 27 in (ea)
Calves: 14.5 in (ea)
Triceps: 14 in (ea)

Since October 1st:
Overall weight lost: 2.4 lbs
Overall inches lost: 3 inches lost

Here is what I look like:

No nutritional information to report.

In other news:

So on Wednesday we had media at work by the end of the day. One of the managers introduced them to me and they seemed nice. About an hour before the parade meeting (I joined the committee) I did my first cold transfer to someone. I didn’t want to send a mass email, and then I realized I could just find out who it was that worked it. So I looked, and sure enough it was someone I like. So I just sent a quick email saying: “I think I cold transferred a call to you, sorry!” which is the polite thing and culturally appropriate thing to do in the office I’ve noticed. Within 1 minute (I was surprised at how fast it was replied to… maybe even within 30 seconds) he responded, Subject “No worries, I scheduled it in for tmrw!” So that was nice.
Anyway, the meeting for the Christmas parade was nice. I mentioned my idea to one of the managers, since the theme was “Christmas Around the World” I mentioned having a globe in the middle of the float… but the idea didn’t stick as there was concern that we wanted to fit as many people on the float as possible…
Thursday was also interesting. The media had wanted a shot where two employees are walking down the aisle next to the windows. One of the managers asked me! I was dressed up in a black and white blouse and a pencil skirt with my straight hair. So that was highly flattering.
One of my co-workers who sits near my when I am working in administration stopped me and asked me how I am liking it in admin. This was when there was no one else was around. I said something to the effect of, I like that I am getting bounced around, that if I was on the phones for a while, it is nice to get a break and work offline, and then back on the phones. He said yes, variety is key. But then he asked me again if I liked admin again. That’s when I realized he was actually trying to get a true feeler for my desires. So I said, I liked it, that I already have other admin experience (I may have said this, can’t remember), that I love getting to know everyone, that I love learning, but that, as I said to my husband, I’ll be wherever the company wants me to be, on the phones or in admin, I’m just happy to be a part of this great organization. I was hoping to express that I didn’t want to get my hopes up, that I didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket, and that I would be happy wherever. He might have also thought, maybe overhearing my conversation with my manager a few days prior, that I said it was quiet and that I missed my usual area in the office among my friends. I think he liked that answer. He said “Well, if they decide to fill the position with a permanent employee, you’ll be a great candidate.” He didn’t necessarily say it merely as a compliment, more like that I would be an obvious consideration (versus what could have been what I thought, which was that I wouldn’t be considered and only permanent, higher-seniority people would be considered). He continued, “We’ll have to look into it. You are doing a great job.” And I said, “Thanks, you are doing a great job too!” With a giggle.
I went back to my desk, and worked.
So yeah, and I’ve had a little rough sleep the last two days, had a dream last night of judgement day. I wonder if that is a warning from God? Maybe I should take my medication?
I am sort of upset with my husband. He is disrespectful and doesn’t apologize. It is upsetting. I don’t understand why he doesn’t feel bad for being disrespectful and hurting my feelings. I did get angry but there was an obvious reason for that. I want things to work out with him. I had the time to confirm for my convalidation wedding ceremony at my church for 23rd of December but coincidentally, our friend who will serve as a witness can’t come because he will be in Wales. Is this a sign? Should I be reading signs? Probably not. I just need to keep doing what I am doing.