Weight Loss Tips with Bipolar

Weight Loss Tips with Bipolar

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Let’s face it. It is not easy taking medications that you know causes you to gain weight. Whether it is from being overly hungry or not processing sugar correctly, it’s a big drag when you are overweight, tired, and in pain all of the time. Even depressing.

Luckily, I have been successful in breaking the weight gain and finally started to lose the weight consistently. This was no easy feat, mind you, since I have been trying for almost two years since the birth of Elizabeth. But there is a way to lose weight and be still be on meds. I still have a ways to go, but I have started some good habits.

How to Break the Hunger Hormones and Eat Less Naturally

Ghrelin can be an important hormone if you have a lack of food sources. But in this age, food is everywhere. Ghrelin promotes hunger and fat storage, which is not good for someone who is obese or overweight. Fighting these hormones is an upward battle. You have to constantly struggle against the hunger feelings, even when you know you ate enough. And fighting off temptations over and over again is such a struggle. But I have found a way to tackle the hormones, and without the use of weight loss prescriptions.

Ketogenic Diet

I have been on the ketogenic diet a couple of times before. The first time, it successfully treated my thyroid and GERD issues. The second time, it helped me lose 7 lbs (but I unfortunately gained it back).

This last time I was on it, I stayed on it for one month. But what I found afterwards, is that I was barely hungry most of the time. I think it worked because I drastically lowered carb intake to 20-40mg a day, which is a very low carb diet. Carbs are responsible for cravings and hunger, so when I stopped that, the hormones that caused the hunger were suddenly all but vanished!

Maintaining Weight Loss

I was so happy, it seemed like my body was preparing me for weight loss. And so far, I have lost 10 lbs and counting! But after the ketogenic diet, what did I do to maintain the weight loss?

Groundhog Day Diet

I read an article that inspired me. Lots of celebrities follow the Groundhog Day diet, including my idol, Kate Middleton. And as long as it is a well-rounded meal plan, your body learns to adapt to the lower variety of foods. In fact, that’s how most of humanity used to eat for thousands of years. And without having a plan, I was always eating based on my emotions or moods, and going out of my calorie budgets because I wasn’t keeping track. This plan helps me to focus less on food and more on what is important: my family. And as long as I stick to the diet, my calorie deficit will automatically be met and I will lose the weight.

How Many Calories Should I Eat?

If you use the calculators that are on the internet, it will give you inflated calorie needs (2200 for me if I am low energy and up to 2500 if I am active). But I watched a documentary debunking myths about food and eating by looking at how modern day tribes eat. The scientists calculated how many calories they ate as well as how much energy they expended. They found out they walk an equivalent of half a marathon (21 km) a day or more, but the women only consume 1900 calories while the men consume slightly more, 2000 calories. The scientists explained that your body can adapt to the amount of calories that you eat, even if you are working out a lot.

That was an amazing revelation for me. I definitely don’t workout as much as this tribe did, yet I eat more. I know my body is bigger, which drives the needs for extra calories, but enough was enough. If they can manage 1900 calories a day, so can I!

But I decided to do it in stages. First, I watched what I ate, without dieting, for about two weeks and I noticed I regularly eat 2400-2500 calories a day (having a toddler in tow 24/7 does that). So in order to ensure success, I only decreased my calories to 2100 calories. It maintains my weight or a slight weight loss. I will bring it down to 1900 when I am regularly eating my current mean plan.

Other Guidelines That I Use

I eat during a specific window, between 8am and 5pm (otherwise known as intermittent fasting), with a possible evening glass of wine to enjoy myself. My meals are about 600 calories each, and I can have two snacks, about 150 calories each. The snacks have to be fruit (because of their low calorie and high nutrition). I allow myself to have dessert, but I control the portions. I also practice intuitive eating, so that I know how hungry I am from 1-10 (and I try to eat before I reach a 5/10), and I try to never eat past 8/10 in fullness.

So far, as I said, I have lost 10 lbs in counting, and I am looking forward to continuing my meal plan until it becomes second nature.

What is my meal plan that I have landed on? Here it is below.

1 bowl Maple Syrup and Walnut Oatmeal
2 boiled eggs
Kate Middleton Inspired Smoothie

1 Whole Grain and Turkey Sandwich with Honey Mustard
1 Bowl of Soup

1 cup watermelon or cantaloupe

1 large romaine salad with various seasonal vegetables
A large serving of protein (burgers, chicken, fish, etc.)
Small potato

Evening snack
1/2 glass wine
70% dark chocolate

I will keep you up to date with my weight loss progress. Wish me luck!